I've got game.

Swimming is my passion.  The feeling of jumping into the cold water and pulling the water with my arms propels me. 


When my body is burning and I am counting down the yards until I finish the swim, I know I'm getting stronger... 


When my body is burning and I can't breathe, the thought and knowledge of getting better and reaching my goals is what pushes me to keep going -- push through a set.  Everything and everyone else fades away.

I love the challenge, the freedom, the discipline, the cold, the breathing, the pain, the knowledge that with each stroke, I'm closer to reaching my goals.


    And, yea.  That means investing in a wetsuit and self-training when a pandemic cancels the season's tournaments and closes the pool.  Even if it means driving an hour and half, so I can dive into 50 degree water.  I'm doing it.  

Whatever it takes.



I've been swimming since I was 9 years old. I will myself to work harder, both in the water and on land. I make detailed changes in my training and seek new techniques.  I'm driven to meet my goal to swim for a strong swim program.


I'll keep pushing until I make the Olympics trials.... then I'll push some more.


We are Lakota



  • OHSAA STATE MEET – Placed 10th in 500 Freestyle for Lakota East High School

  • YMCA NATIONALS – U OF MD AUGUST 2019 – Achieved 8 time cuts.  Placed 5th in the 1500 freestyle, 8th in the 400 IM & 800 Freestyle and 9th in the 400 freestyle as a Freshman.

    Attended at age 14.  Achieved 60th place


     2K open water - Placed 1st overall of 150+ swimmers 



    Attended at age 14.   Achieved 4 time cuts.
    Achieved 13th place in the mile at first nationals​


  • 2020 spring season derailed due to Covid-19 pandemic.  All tournaments and training cancelled until further notice.  Daily self-training continues: lake swimming & dry land workouts.



  • Selected first team All Conference as a Sophomore

  • First girls relay team in Lakota East HS  history to qualify & podium for Ohio State Championships

  • Selected to the 2019 GMC 2nd Team High School All-Conference Team as a Freshman

  • Placed 1st in the 200 freestyle, 400 freestyle, 800 freestyle, and 400IM in the 2019 YMCA long course SYOSL League championships as a freshman.

  • Placed 1st in the 1650 SCY Freestyle at the 2019 SWOYSL AA League Championships at 14 years old

  • Isabelle placed 5th in the 1500 LCM Freestyle and 8th in the 800 LCM Freestyle at USA Central Zone 14 & under Championships in 2018

  • Attained 2 USA Futures cuts in the 1650 SCY Freestyle and 800 freestyle at 14 years old

  • Attained USA Central Zone Sectional cuts in the 200, 500, 1000, and 1650 SCY Freestyle at 14 years old

  • According to Career Best times, ranked 28 for the USA in the 1650 SCY Freestyle for 13-14 and 85 in the 1500 LCM Freestyle

  • According to  ranked 11th in Ohio and 180th nationally at age 14.  

  • Volunteer Swim Coach:  I volunteered to coach the 5 & 6 year old age group because I just wanted to help my coach.  But the experience was so profound to me. I fell in love with the kids, but more than that, I grew – more confident; more patient; more responsible; more strategic.  The additional reward is it's now a paid position, but even more gratifying,  it allows me to be a mentor & role model to younger kids.  This has ignited my passion to become an elementary education teacher and potentially a swim coach.

  • Private Swim Teacher:  I've taken my twin passions for children and swimming and combined them. At the peak of my business, I gave private lessons for 9 students ranging from 3-7 years old. I developed my own customized curriculum for each student. Whether that was teaching them how to swim or just perfecting technique. It was a great opportunity for me to develop and manage the execution of scheduling for all the students and develop a great rapport with the kids and parents.  

  • Volunteer Special Needs Swim Coach: Nothing sobers me more than the responsibility of teaching a child with special needs. Nothing comes easy. I created daily practices and workouts that had to jive with her abilities.  

  • Stretch Leader: On our team, we are all co-captains. Our ethos is we're in it together and we all must lead.  That said, I've been tasked with leading the elite & senior swimmers (about 40 members).  That means utilizing organizational & leadership skills during practices & meets.

  • Church: It's here my family is strongly committed to giving beyond our own circle.  For years now  I've been teaching & guiding 15-20 toddlers through their bible studies at our church.  It's also where I've worked collecting & sorting donations for women in shelters and delivered supplies & Christmas gifts to needy families.

    At base, what I truly believe in is community.  That can be defined as unconditional love for my circle of family,                                           friends, neighbors and those "friends" I haven't met yet. 



Where can I have an impact?  THAT'S where I want to be

swim lesson
swim teacher
swim lesson2


School is what you make it


I've been home schooled my entire life.  And I've truly enjoyed it.  We call it the Gomez Academy.  
While it doesn't necessarily align with what the general population defines as traditional learning, my siblings and I (and the many friends we've met through the home school network), have learned skills many brick & mortar schools often can't teach:  the tremendous ability to learn how to research on my own; to be able to learn on my own.; to take full responsibility for my learning and my habits.  I follow my own syllabus and track my own assignments. I've learned how to teach myself if & when needed. 

I know what it's like to bear down on my academics so that I have the time needed to advance my swimming goals. I'm a competitive asset on my local high school swim team.  


It's because I have a balanced, independent educational experience that I can join multiple sports teams, while still being active in my church.

As for time management – I nailed that down years ago by learning early on how to juggle academic schedules and swim practice. Simply put, I have the self-discipline that I'll need as I move on to higher education.


Thanks for submitting!


Isabelle Gomez